S.H.E New Album "SHERO"

After officially releasing "Only To Fall For You" as the ending theme song for the drama "Down With Love," super girl group S.H.E has three more new songs out.

The first is called "Two People's Desert Island" which features fellow label mate Judy Chou, 2nd place winner from Season One of the popular singing contest One Million Star. The slow melody and well-harmonized vocals in this piece reminds listeners of classic S.H.E songs such as "Tropical Rain Forest" and "Where's Love?" Judy Chou's voice has also improved drastically since his debut days on One Million Star and he's now much more capable of handling slower melodies.

The second song is called "Anything Can Happen" which features happier, bouncier voices from the girls combined with a pop/jazz musical background. Ella's soulful voice, in particular, stands out greatly in the middle portion of the song.

The last song "Just Love" seems to be a minor rearrangement of Kate Voegle's "Angel". The lyrics urges listeners to simply go for love and embrace all the feelings associated with loving someone even though it may come with pain and hurt.

These three songs are rumored to be released in S.H.E's new album "SHERO" which will be released in Asia on March 26th. In addition, Ah Shin of Mayday, known for his miraculous abilities of writing meaningful lyrics, has also finally delivered on his promise to pen lyrics for the trio. The title song of the album "Shero," written by Ah-Shin, looks to be a rock-and-roll flavor that S.H.E will try for the first time.

Check out the songs! What do you think?

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