Tangerine falls victim to Night Market Life’s Lei Hung

Although they might not get as much coverage as their Sunday night counterparts, the weeknight Taiwanese (dialect) dramas have a hardcore fan base and consistently do well in the ratings. FTV’s Night Market Life and SETTV’s Parents Love trade places at the top spot week after week, and it will probably stay that way for a long time to come. These dramas usually run for at least a year with two-hour episodes every night. They are best known for their ridiculous storylines, with everything from mistaken identity, protagonist coming back from the dead, and everyone’s favorite – The trusty memory lost.

Night Market Life squeaked out a win in the ratings last week with 5.73%. One of their lead actors caught the attention of many with his very “intense” acting. At first glance, actor Lei Hung looked like he was trying to channel some greater power with his tangerine.  However , he was actually expressing his anger after his character had a fallout with his wife played by actress Katrina Cheng. The 60 year-old Lei Hung began by slamming his hands on the table, he then grabbed one of the tangerines and burst it open in his hand. The emotional scene ended with a close up on the tangerine with its juice still flowing.

Lei Hung collapsed to the sofa and rested for 10 minutes after filming. Apparently, the director had only asked him, “You are very angry now, (you) can wipe all the props off the table.” Much to their disbelief, Lei Hung burst open a tangerine and squirted juice all over his face. The director and videographer were dying of laughter, and mocked the star who is best known for his many wives, “Lei Ba, (do you) get annoyed a lot by your many wives? Did you practice squeezing tangerines at home?”

Some creative netizens have re-edited the scene with music from Chibi Maruko Chan and Doraemon. The scene became a hot topic on Youtube and even made its way to the Japanese video sharing website NicoNico. Here is a clip of Lei Hung as “Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)”:

Source: UDN, skynoon22’s Channel

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