Taiwanese superstar Barbie Hsu once dated DJ Koo of Korean male duo Clon

Barbie Hsu, whose fame is well-known across Asia for her role in idol dramas like 2001’s “Meteor Garden” and movies like 2008’s Hong Kong blockbuster “Connected”, was recently brought up in a local Korean variety show program that played host to the members of 1990s’ Korean dance duo Clon. One of its members of the regionally popular group over in South Korea from two decades ago, 41 year-old DJ Koo 具俊燁, confessed on the program that he once won over the heart of Taiwan’s famed 34 year-old international star several years ago. Barbie Hsu became a sensation in Taiwan and beyond in her pivotal character of Shan Cai/Makino from the most famous adaptation of the popular Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango”.

The admission of the two once dating came about in the variety program when DJ Koo was directly asked “Have you ever dated Barbie Hsu?”, to which he responded “We dated for about one year.” DJ Koo continued by elaborating, “A Taiwanese friend of mine by the name of Tarcy Su 蘇慧倫 [a popular Taiwanese Mandopop singer from the 1990s] received a song composed by South Korean lyricist Kim Chang-hwan 金昌煥, and I was an invited guest to her concert. At the time, Barbie Hsu was also at the performance.”

The former Clon member also confessed, “She tattooed [the Chinese character of] my name Koo 具, but what she tattooed instead was Koo 九 (translation: nine)”, which incited laughter from the participants of the program. While Barbie Hsu is known to have several tattoos, the truth behind DJ Koo’s confession has yet to be confirmed by the Taiwanese entertainer, and the 九 tattoo has yet been verified by outside sources.

Note: The English-based Korean pop blogosphere are incorrectly reporting Barbie Hsu as a starlet (defined: a young actress who is publicized as a future star), when she is in fact a well-known Asian celebrity, especially in South Korea, and was the highest-earning female celebrity last year in Taiwan. Additionally, Barbie is still active in the entertainment business, unlike DJ Koo’s band Clon, which disbanded many years prior.

Source: chosun.com, gz163.cn

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