Super Idol 4 : Mollie grooves to Show Luo classic, Seul-ki serenades to FTTS ballad

Two broadcasts ago on Taiwan’s top talent show program Super Idol, Mollie Chang performed an excellent English cover of Korean girl group Wonder Girls“Nobody”, while Seul-ki Kim got the whole audience dancing to Taiwanese rocker Wu Bai’s Mandopop classic “You are My Flower”. For the latest broadcast of the fourth season, fan-favorite contestants Mollie and Seul-ki switched back to performing songs in their native language as Mollie channeled Joey Yung and Seul-ki emulated Hwahee of Kpop duo Fly to the Sky (FTTS).

This time though, both contestants had the fortune of pairing up with former Super Idol contestant and guest performer Filipe King. The former Super Idol contestant Filipe first demonstrated his multi-talented abilities during his performance with the always sexy Mollie Chang by taking on dance duet beat “Biao Han”, as Filipe and Mollie emulated the vocals and moves made famous by Show Luo and Joey Yung. Their energetic dance performance was met with accolades by the judges, as one judge expressed that if the two considered forming a musical duo, they would fundamentally fill a much-needed void in Mandopop dance music.

Filipe then surprised the audience later in the program when Korean contestant Seul-ki expressed that he selected Filipe for his Korean speaking abilities. Choosing difficult Korean ballad “Although My Heart Aches” made famous by FTTS, both Seul-ki and Filipe excelled in the moving song with their roles of FTTS’ Hwanhee and Brian, respectively. The judges were definitely impressed, as the Seul-ki and Filipe duo notched high scores and were complimented for their touching musical performance.

As usual, it’s always great entertainment when watching both Mollie and Seul-ki perform. As the field is narrowed down by one to 15 contestants, here’s to hoping that these two continue to exhibit energetic performances and uniquely refreshing melodies from their rival competitors in the later stages of Season 4 of Super Idol.

Mollie Chang and Filipe King's "Biao Han" performance:

Seul-ki Kim and Filipe King's "Although My Heart Aches" performance:

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