Stars going back to school for higher education

Cyndi Wang and Zhu An-Yu (also known as Sister Peach) were spotted yesterday at the Tainan city Leader University’s school of management. The two stars were reportedly interested in studying at the Department of Cosmetics and International Business. The school’s dean Hsu Yen-Nien confirmed the visit was true, but considering their busy schedules, he recommended them to start with some credit courses first. After they get familiar with the program, they can consider applying for official student status later.
Cyndi Wang, Zhu Ah-Yu

The news of the two stars’ visit quickly spread on the Tainan discussion board of PTT. Some netizens are praising them for their desire to study, and said it should be encouraged. However, other netizens are concerned that since their work is based in Taipei, how will they manage to study in Tainan. They questioned if the stars think they can graduate by attending one class per month. Some also suspect them of buying their credentials like some male stars have done in the past, and graduate without having to attend any classes.

Cyndi Wang said, “I graduated from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School, (I) have always wanted to study more. After hearing about the online courses at Leader University, which is convenient, (I) went to the school to find out more, but haven’t decided yet if (I) will be studying there.” Zhu An-Yu said she has a friend that teaches at the University, so she was there to get some information. She is also uncertain about her entry, but she might consider doing online studies or take the high speed train to Tainan for classes.

In related news, 42 year-old David Zhao said he plans to return to school as well. He said, “I have already wasted 40 years, (I) need to do better this year.” He is currently preparing for his university entrance exam in April, “My (knowledge) in history, geography are okay, (my) English is the worst. I think if I answer ‘A” on all the questions, it should at least get me some marks.”

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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