Stanley Huang's rumored-girlfriend wants his forgiveness

Hu Jia-Ai (胡嘉愛) became famous after she was recently photographed with singer Stanley Huang by Next magazine. It was rumored that in addition to plastic surgery, she has falsely reported her age and a daughter from a 6-year marriage. Some accused her of exploiting Stanley Huang as she has been openly talking about him on recent talk shows. Stanley Huang said that he doesn’t know anything about her and stressed they are just casual friends.
On the left: Hu Jia-Ai with her daughter
On the right: Hu Jia-Ai photographed with Stanley Huang

Hu Jia-Ai was photographed with her daughter yesterday and she confirmed the rumor, “Many of my friends know that I have a daughter. Concerning this, I have never intentionally try to hide anything, but I wouldn’t intentionally talk about it either.”

She was asked if Stanley Huang knew about her daughter and said it hasn’t come up in their conversation yet. She revealed that she and her ex-husband met in school, and got married after she became pregnant with their daughter. The marriage lasted for 5 years and they separated 2 years ago. The divorce was completed last June.

When asked about rumors that she has been in a relationship with Stanley Huang for 2 years and cheated on her marriage during that time, she stated that she and Huang are “good firiends”. She said she and her husband divorced peacefully and denied any unfaithfulness.

Hu Jia-Ai sent a text message to Stanley Huang yesterday to apologize, “Causing his fans to have a bad impression on him, and giving him so much trouble, I’m very sorry.” She said, “I’m going insane, his fans must be thinking that I’m exploiting him.”

In regards to the news, Stanley Huang’s manager responded, “Don’t know. Not familiar. Won’t respond again. (We) hope everyone would stop reporting carelessly about it.”

Hu Jia-Ai also confirmed that her real age is 32, “The age was from my early days as a model, it was arranged by my agency. I was actually born in 1977."  She previously reported her age was 26.

Hu Jia-Ai knows how to get herself in the news

Source: AppledailyTW, Libertytimes

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