Show Luo experiences 2x forbidden kiss

Earlier this week, we reported the girl-girl kiss between A-Lin and Ji Xiao-Jun. A few days later, Show Luo decided to top all the women with not one, but two man-to-man kisses!

Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao went on 100% Entertainment to promote the soundtrack of Monga. In the last segment of the show, Mark was to answer a series of questions, but if the audience was not satisfied with his response, Ethan would receive a punishment. Xiao Gui went for the kill and asked, “Mark, do you have feelings for Janine.” Mark avoided giving the direct answer as usual, “We’re friends.” The response was clearly unsatisfying as the crowd roared, “Not satisfied!” From the luck of a draw, Mark picked the worse form of punishment for Ethan – Show blowing in his ear. With Xiao Gui holding Ethan’s head still, Show blew gently into Ethan’s ear, but he decided to take it up a notch and began kissing Ethan affectionately…

The fun doesn’t stop. On the very next episode of 100% Entertainment, former parody group, No Wonder Girls, came back with the new group name, "強尼草莓 Johnny Berry" (Da Ye’s English name is Johnny). In one of their performances, the girls and Johnny dressed up in Caribana costumes while dancing. Show and Xiao Gui was invited to dance along. When Johnny asked Xiao Gui for a kiss on the cheek, Xiao Gui gave him one without hesitation, but Show pretended to be blind, trying to avoid the torture. The “berries” pulled Show towards Johnny with all their effort and just as Show closed in on Johnny’s cheek, Johnny turned his head instantly towards Show and they kissed mouth to mouth!

The former parody group No Wonder Girls reintroduces themselves with the brand new group name, Johnny Berry.

Show helped Xiao Gui put on some lip gloss for a good glittering kiss.

And of course, himself.

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