Show is dissatisfied with size of little show

On May 15 and 16, Show Luo will be holding his concert at the Taipei Arena, and all the tickets have been sold out. A few days ago, after announcing the addition of holding a third concert on the 16th, he has already sold 60% of its tickets, but he assures everybody that there won’t be a 4th. Show said, “Singing three concerts within 27 hours is already going to be my biggest challenge of the year.”

Show Luo attended the premiere of his 3D MV "Dance Without Limits" (舞法舞天)  with the fans. They presented him a lovely cake in the shape of a muscle man with his face on top of it. Unfortunately, Show wasn't too happy with the size of "Little Show" on the cake and said that it is too small. He admitted that he’s quite proud of his “Little Show.”

Show and the fans all wore their 3D glasses to enjoy the MV, but some fans were clearly looking at the real life Show instead of the MV, which makes one wonder if that helped in making some parts of Show more 3D...

To make sure that all Show fans can enjoy the MV, the new edition of his latest album, "Rashomon," will come with a collectible DVD containing six MVs including "Dance Without Limits," and a pair of 3D glasses will also be provided out of the box.

Check out the MV here:

Source: Appledaily / Video: AsiaHolicCpop's Channel

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