S.H.E sings in the rain, Ella calls out for Jerry Yan

What is "empress" ostentation? Yesterday, S.H.E held a signing event at Ximending on a luxurious stage that cost NT$400,000 to build. The 3 ladies had fun together with the fans. Ella, whose neck was sprained, had to get acupuncture treatment in order to go on stage. Despite this, she even called out for her co-star Jerry Yan to come and pre-order 100 of their CDs.

Even though the SHERO pre-order signing event was mixed with rain, the number of enthusiastic fans did not decrease -- some had gotten there early in the morning to grab seats. In order to strengthen the momentum for this "Heavenly Empress Group," for this first signing, HIM spent an enormous amount of money to build a stage that could be raised and lowered, and also extended the stage. Donned in powerful black rocker outfits, S.H.E performed their album's first track of the same name. In spite of the heavy rain that poured down on the extended stage that was not covered, they interacted with the fans.

Because Ella sprained her neck a few days ago at their concert in Malaysia, she had to receive acupuncture and tui na (Chinese therapy) for the inflamed and swollen neck once she got back to Taiwan. Yesterday, she sang and jumped around as if nothing was wrong. Because her co-star in "Down With Love", Jerry Yan, was also holding a signing at Ximending, Ella yelled out, "Come join my signing, I will sign 100 pre-ordered copies for you right now."

The pre-orders for their new album performed well, the tickets for their concert on May 29th at the Taipei arena has sold extremely well, and the ratings for Ella's drama has gradually risen to a good rating. Since, before an album is released, "golden water (money)" is needed to get pointers from higher-ups, their record company sent them "golden apples" yesterday. And with the nectar dropping from the heavens (rain), Selina said, "This is the Will of Heaven; the empresses would like to express their gratitude to the Heavens right now."

Source: UDN

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