S.H.E ready to go solo

S.H.E has been together 9 years, but following the release of their 12th album SHERO, the members will be venturing out individually in the latter half of this year. Hebe’s long-awaited solo album will be finally released, Selina plans to focus on hosting and acting, while Ella, who already has 5 idol dramas on her resume, will make a leap to the big screen.

Ella is keeping quiet about her movie for now, but she has previously said her dream is to go to Hollywood and act alongside “(Johnny) Depp and (Jude) Law”. Hebe said, “If she really does a movie with Jude Law, I’m willing to go see him topless.” Selina hopes she can be in a TV drama like Princess Pearl (還珠格格). Unfortunately, she has gained some weight recently, so her already-round face now includes a double-chin. Others are calling her Princess Pig (還”豬”格格), and even she can't help but mocked herself, “Never forget my good fortune-look no matter how tired.”

Super marathon runner Lin Yi-Jie was invited to the SHERO press conference as their special guest.  He coronated the “queens” and called them the “Evergreen of Chinese Music”. Hebe jokingly asked if he has become crazy from all the running. Nevertheless, S.H.E is in fact the evergreen of girl groups, as they have been able to retain their popularity throughout the 9 years after they debuted.

When S.H.E was asked to name their heroes, Hebe recommended her idol Faye Wong. Selina answered, “Sun Yat-sen.” Her reason was, “Because he is printed on money, so I can buy a lot of things with it.” They said they are not the queens when it comes to love. Hebe said, “If we have to be compared, I'm more like the (queen). Whoever treats me well, (the relationship) will last longer.” Ella was said to be “highly co-operative”, and Selina said, “(whoever) holds me in their palms, they will get trampled in the end.”

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes

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