S.H.E plans to show some skin for their new concert

As reported earlier, on May 29th, the extremely talented and beautiful S.H.E. will be performing at the Taipei Arena for the first time in 4 years since their last “Moving Castle Concert Tour”. “S.H.E Is The One Love for the World Tour” is the girl group’s 3rd world tour in their 9 years of sisterhood. Other than a prior engagement to shoot a commercial in May, the girls plan to spend the rest of their time rehearsing for this upcoming concert. They have already declined three game companies’ offers to appear in their advertisements, sacrificing millions of NT. S.H.E laughs, “In addition to rehearsing during the day, every night we spend time beautifying our thighs so that they will be in their best condition.”

However, S.H.E. faces some fierce competition as Selina’s rumored ex-boyfriend Show Luo will perform in April at Taipei Arena and King of Asia/Hebe’s rumored former flame Jay Chou will hold his concert there in June after them. Surrounded by the threat of these Asia Heavenly Kings, S.H.E. plans to use their girl power and sexy charms to wow their fans. Selina joked, “We will use the power of our flesh to win this battle! If you thought the outfits we had at our overseas performances were sexy, watch out! We’re butchering off even more fabric!” The C-cup Ella added in, “Our 33D’s will be more spectacular than 3D’s (referring to Show Luo’s use of 3D at his upcoming concert).”

The three girls also plan to fight back against their exes with some new men. After seeing 90’s group The Little Tigers performing at CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, S.H.E’s company H.I.M. is fervently trying to invite them to be S.H.E’s guests performers.

The tickets begin selling today, so if you’ll be in Taipei around May, I suggest you try to get your hands on some tickets!

Source: UDN

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