S.H.E fond of massages, loves receiving boob massages at home

With famed Taiwanese girl group S.H.E set to take the stage for their concert at Taipei Arena,the group has faced a string of pressure faced from their line of work. On March 18th, the three ladies were able to relieve themselves of those pressures by receiving expert massage therapy from a handsome professional male massage therapist. Ella was so worked up when her leg was getting massaged that she kicked the therapist, while Hebe elicited a satisfied reaction with her "Oh yeah!" responses when her arms were getting gently pinched. As for Selina, she had an uncomfortable look on her face as her shoulders were getting kneaded by the massage therapist.

Facing her young yet bashful handsome male professional, the magnanimous Ella didn't forget to first tease him a bit. As Ella repeatedly asked him questions like where he lived and if he had a girlfriend, the male massage therapist was barely able to fend her off. In the end, while the male professional was massaging Ella's calf, Ella at first started feeling comfortable. It wasn't until the massage therapist put a lot more pressure on it that Ella momentarily yelped in pain, giving an involuntary kick to the male professional. Who would have thought that the handsome therapist would be indifferent about it, intimately responding with "You have to pay attention to your digestive system as well as your sleeping problems!" Ella had expressed that besides her recent idol drama and promotions, she was also busy with the new album and their upcoming music concert, so her health has been pretty weak. "But I'm the female hero 'SHERO', so I'm resistant to pain!", emerged the energetic and ironclad Ella.

With Hebe's turn next, she ordered outright, "Your queen is telling you to help her loosen up her slender jade arms!" Upon hearing this, the handsome professional immediately massaged her with force. Who knew Hebe had a weird fetish when she wanted the male therapist to massage more forcefully to satisfy her? During the massage therapy, Hebe often elicited cries of "Oh yeah" and was completely immersed in it. Hebe later laughed and said that she and Ella adored massages, and that the both of them had massage beds at home. She also added that they usually had female massage therapists offer their services, and Ella also said with laughter, "I'm able to get oil massages while naked!" As for getting massaged in their sensitive regions, Ella expressed, "If I'm having chest pains, getting massaged on my boobs is super effective." The thing is that the two of them shouldn't get this service from a male massage therapist, and if they're tense, would it be too dangerous? On the side, Selina jumped in and said, "I'm afraid of the male massage therapist getting too enthusiastic with me!"

As Selina was receiving her massage therapy, everyone saw her put on an uncomfortable look with a dismayed expression. She later explained that she once received a Thai massage well-known for its deep and stretching massages. In the end, because Selina was too tense, she hurt her shoulder, and from that point on dreads massages. "I'm treating [this massage] today as if though it were some [Chinese finger game]!" What was interesting was that as Selina was receiving some intense massaging from the emotionless professional therapist, the group's canine mascot Pinky suddenly made an appearance. Everyone present started to rush about from Pinky's presence, and the fun from this amusement brightened up the mood of the therapist giving Selina the massage.

Source: NOWnews, Apple Daily

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