S.H.E dresses up as models by donning 8-inch heels, but Ella takes a tumble

Since debuting 9 years ago, the mature young ladies of girl group S.H.E modeled in still poses to put focus on their fashion styles, and even wore designer fashion high-heels for their promotional photo shoot. The musical ensemble paired up with British fashion house Burberry for their spring time fashion catalog, and the three ladies donned 8-inch (20 cm) pointy heels that instantaneously transformed them into 6 feet (180 cm) tall models. The comparatively tomboyish Ella wasn't used to the heels though, and had a slip once she stepped foot on carpet. The staff on duty then lent a helping hand, with her not forgetting to laugh and said, "I was thrown onto the carpet. It truly is such a hassle."

With S.H.E donning high heels, the members swayed their hips back- and forth non-stop for the photo shoot to show off their perfection. While Selina was exhibiting her full feminine charm, Hebe elicited electrifying eyes, and Ella displayed intense poses. A colleage sarcastically commented, "They have great hip strength, and snuck in some practice at home!" Hebe stopped and barely laughed, while Ella responded, "Since I fractured my lower back before, I can fracture it as much as I like." For being beautiful the whole day, the result was sore and hurt backs, with the three of them frankly exclaiming, "This is the price of fashion."

With their new album titled "SHERO", S.H.E was promoted to "The Heavenly Queen Group" as their music fans cheered them on appropriately. And as pre-orders for their new album already exceeded 50,000 and their concert at Taipei Arena already sold out, red-dyed haired Ella felt proud of their "popularity" (note: the Chinese character for "red" also means "popular"). Having already experienced the focus of attention from their song "Chinese Language/Zhong Guo Hua 中國話", S.H.E not only enlisted the help of fellow Mandopop star JJ Lin 林俊傑 and famed Singaporean music producer Sisong Lee 李偲菘 to write the lyrics, but they even rearranged a traditional Taiwanese language "I Love the Rain Night Flower 我愛雨夜花" that emerged as a new musical concept and perfect melody.

Source: UDN, Apple Daily

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