Same Ethan Ruan, different hair

Although it might be awhile before we'll see him in a drama again, Ethan Ruan made sure his fans still get to see plenty of him on TV. He recently collaborated with singer/producer Sandee Chen on a duet for the Monga soundtrack. Their track “Once” marked the second theme song from the movie that featured Ethan Ruan. At the filming of their music video, Ethan Ruan played a man who has fallen into a psychedelic dream from reality, and met a goddess played by Sandee Chan.

Over in mainland China, Ethan Ruan is being featured in a new commercial for Wall’s ice cream. The TV ad was shot on location in the beautiful beaches of Pattaya, Thailand. Ethan Ruan reportedly earned 10 million (NTD) for the endorsement. In addition to showing some skin in the ad, he also got hair extensions to “surprise” his fans with fringe-Ethan.

Ethan Ruan also recorded the ad's theme song, which coincided with the release of the commercial. When asked about his hard day of work at the beach, he said, “I actually like being in the sun, and of course pretty girls as well. Singing the theme song myself gave me a sense of achievement. Although the filming and recording were very exhausting, I treated the work like a vacation.”

Here are more pics from the MV:

Another man falls victim to capris...

More pics from his "vacation":

Unfortunately we don’t have the clip of the commercial, but here is the theme song

Source: Libertytimes, AppledailyTW, maypaymusic1's Channel

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