Rhydian Vaughan knows he's good looking

Rhydian Vaughan has become the prince in many girls’ heart after playing his role as the gang leader in the latest hit movie, Monga. Rhydian reveals that he knew he was a good looking guy ever since he was young, “I know people like to look at me. I know I’m one of those people that you’ll turn to look at when I enter a room. I can’t hide it, so I've gone to study drama in order to learn how to make use of it.”

With the looks of an idol, he has great ambitions. He believes that regardless if it’s acting, music, drawing, or people in showbiz, they all have a “fire” in their hearts, where they would risk anything to produce their works. His Monga co-star Ethan Ruan is a prime example, “Everyone has a certain expectation. The feeling of excitement, sadness, and happiness burns inside your heart. Xiao Tian (Ethan) has been in showbiz for quite a while before becoming hugely popular. He has always been a very true and emotional person. I think I also have a strong fire burning in my heart. Everyone has fire in their heart, but it’s not going to keep burning until you’re old. Taiwan’s film industry needs these kinds of people the most: Those who are brave and not afraid of facing anything. There are growing pains, but it’s also full of hope in the process.”

Being a British-Chinese mix, Rhydian has always known he is good looking, but he wasn't certain of it until recent years after his popularity rose.  Being good looking is the best “tool” an actor can have and he is determined to return to the Taiwan’s film industry after he graduates next year, “It’s a kind of responsibility. I really believe that I can work hard for Taiwan’s film industry. Films have great power as long as it stays real.”

Rhydian keeps his distance from the entertainment industry on purpose, “There is too much untruthfulness in Taiwan’s entertainment industry, affecting many people subconsciously and making them work towards something unreal. When your views and what you value become unreal, how can you live and face yourself and others sincerely? A strong country does not produce weak films. This problem is what keeps my fire burning in my heart.”

Source: Chinatimes

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