Rhydian Vaughan keeps mascara in his bag

The actor turns out to be quite different from the Prince Gang leader that he plays in the movie Monga. In real life, Rhydian Vaughan is a student at a drama school in the UK and carries around some impressive literary works like Lung Ying-Tai’s Big River, Big Sea — Untold Stories of 1949 and Arthur Miller’s A view from the Bridge.

Some might think of Arthur Miller as Marilyn Monroe’s ex-husband, but Rhydian Vaughan’s eyes light up when he talks about him, “I think he is the greatest playwright of the last century. Everything that he had written, I would read them over many times.” Surprisingly, his bag also contains several juggling balls, which turns out to be tools for learning, “This helps with practicing my concentration. I think my mom’s method of teaching gave me too much freedom. Practicing this trains my concentration.”

The only thing in his bag that relates to Monga is probably his membership card to a tanning salon. Monga’s director Niu Cheng-Ze thought his skin was too light and asked him to get “darker” before filming began. He laughed and said, “I went tanning twice, but (I) was still lighter than everyone else. When (I) returned to the UK after filming was done, snow was everywhere, so (my skin) lightened again.”

At only 22, plus a mix of British and Chinese, he is proud of his skin condition. No skincare products were found in his bag, but he did have a bunch of Fasio mascaras. He explained, “They were given by the company after attending a promotional event. I’m taking them back to the UK for my classmates. (Because) you know, girls from the drama major especially like being pretty."

A scarf from his dad and a Mido watch

Other stuff that he carries around in his man-bag

He is also a mascara wholesaler...

Source: AppledailyTW

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