Rhydian Vaughan demonstrates new mascara

Don’t worry, he’s not putting it on himself...The star of Monga returned from London to promote Fasio mascara yesterday. Rhydian Vaughan was surprised to find the event at Taipei’s Ximending packed with his fans. Unfortunately, he said he doesn’t want to be in love for now, because he can barely take care of himself and not ready to take on responsibility yet. The actor took an early departure from the Monga promotions earlier this year in order to return to his studies.  He said he has been missing out on a lot of the local news.

Although Rhydian Vaughan was in London during the release of Monga, he was aware of the illegal copies of the movie being uploaded on the Internet, as well as Ethan Ruan’s much-talked about hotel incident. He said, “I told my friends from school, if they want to watch Monga, they can wait till I bring back the official DVD. I’m not too surprised about the pirated copies. What movies get away without being pirated nowadays?” As for the hotel scandal, he said Ethan Ruan is someone with a lot of guts and a good person with fire in his heart. He felt he was most immersed during a scene in Monga in which Ethan Ruan cried while holding him in his arms.

Surprisingly, Rhydian Vaughan has yet to receive any movie offers following the success of Monga. His management didn’t deny that it might be related to his mix-appearance not being suitable for the local movies. Nevertheless, he has remained optimistic and set his goal on becoming a professional stage actor in the future. He and his classmates in the UK will soon be performing Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night's Dream” in their school.  The project will keep him busy from 9 in the morning till 9 at night.  Compared to this, he said traveling between Taiwan and UK isn't all that difficult, “Living in Taiwan is definitely more comfortable than the UK.”

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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