"Ambiguous" Rainie Yang, a top-notch superstar

Rainie Yang is currently preparing for her upcoming concert on April 24th, which is to take place at the Taipei Arena. Despite her busy schedule, she still performed at the "Liberty Times Superstar Concert", as well as attended Coco Lee's concert ticket signing event.  Right after Coco's signing, she rushed to the Liberty Times concert and performed 3 songs: "Ambiguous" (曖昧), "Allergy" (過敏) and "Anonymous Friend" (匿名的朋友). The fans screamed and waved their arms in joy throughout her performance.

While Rainie Yang was waiting patiently backstage to perform, she spotted the megastar, A-Mei. She was so happy that she ran to A-Mei to give her a hug.  Rainie revealed that she used to sing a lot of A-Mei's songs during singing competitions.  Later when Rainie went on stage, she said, "I'm really happy that I am able to be here today and be considered as a "Superstar" alongside with the seniors and perform. This really is an honor!"

Source: Liberty Times

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