Rainie Yang shrunk 2 cm?!

In preparing for her concert, Rainie Yang has been doing sit-ups while singing, as well as controlling her diet. The most important thing is that she needs to grow taller! Due to her habit of having a humpback, she has shrunken from 162 to 160cm, a total of 2 cm in height. In order to improve her posturing, she now practices yoga every day, “Before the concert, I must get those 2 cm back!” She also sighs that once girls hit 25 years of age, their metabolisms get weaker, so it is harder to control the diet.

In her upcoming concert, "Wild Fantasy," she promises that she will amaze everyone visually with her different image styles. Thus, she is keeping it a secret. Fans suggest her to invite Angela Pan (famous actress from ‘60s) as her special guest for the concert. She reveals that when she was little, her mom also thought that she looked a lot like Angela Pan since they both have a mole on their face. She never thought that fans would still say that they look alike now. Currently, she plans to invite Jacky Wu as her special guest and has also sent a text message to Isabella Leong, asking her to join.

In regards to the non-related news of Ethan Ruan cheating on his girlfriend, Rainie answered, “I’ve never come across such thing, so I can’t imagine. I think it’s best for outsiders not to comment.”

Source: Chinatimes

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