Rainie Yang and James Wen play a couple on One Million Singer

Rainie Yang returned to the popular weekend variety One Million Singer to promote her upcoming concert at the Taipei Arena. Regular viewers of the show might remember her as one of the top contestants that have reached “killer” status. Although she is not the greatest singer, she definitely has an in-depth knowledge of lyrics from all eras. Her return made the production team worried because it meant time to give away some serious prize money – again.

James Wen was also a guest on the show and joined Rainie Yang for one of her stages. The two performed an “idol drama musical” that left the fans screaming. After completing nine stages, Rainie Yang challenged the NT$300,000 final stage. She missed 3 words in the Jolin Tsai song A Wonder in Madrid, and went home with NT$75,000. Host Harlem Yu praised her saying, “Looking at your performance here, it means the ticket sales for your concert will be great.”

Interestingly, she and the host are both having concerts at the Taipei Arena in April. Rainie Yang revealed that her upcoming show will feature some high tech man-made clouds, so her audience gets to feel what it’s like to touch them. Not to be outdone, Harlem Yu responded back by saying, “I also have a lot of special effects, but (I) won’t tell you.”

As for James Wen, he said he had participated in many singing contests during his university days.  He joked that he even dreamt of being a singer and mostly practiced songs by Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and William So. He would always make it to the top 8 and eventually got cut during the final 4. James Wen said One Million Singer is his first singing show, so he wanted do his best. Unfortunately, Harlem Yu noticed his awkward way of holding the microphone soon after he took the stage. The host quickly taught him the right way and said, “This is the first lesson for being a singer.”

Source: CNA, Nownews

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