P.S. Man bounces back to take the ratings crown

The top two idol dramas airing on Sundays went back to the ratings battle this past weekend. Jerry Yan and Ella’s Down With Love narrowly topped the ratings two weeks ago by 0.04%, but P.S. Man came back yesterday to beat them by 0.26%. The average ratings for P.S. Man and Down With Love were of 3.67% and 3.41% respectively.

Although the ratings for P.S. Man are decent at this point, fans are more concerned over the actual quality of the drama. Some viewers have already pointed out that the weakest link in P.S. Man might not even be its actors, but rather its director. The first three episodes of P.S. Man suffered from an awkward flow and various prolonged scenes that should have been shorten in half. The use of flashbacks also seemed to disrupt the drama’s rhythm rather than helping to move the story along.

P.S. Man’s director Liu Jun-Jie co-directed with Chen Ming Zhang on hits like Prince Turns to Frog and MVP Valentine, but he was also responsible for a number of duds that SETTV would rather forget. His resume includes a long list of somewhat mediocre idol dramas by the network’s standard. Dramas like Easy Fortune Happy Life, Woody Sambo, Bull Fighting and Engagement of Love weren't exactly big hits or critically acclaimed. Fans of P.S. Man are worried that his latest drama will turn into a forgettable one like the rest of his works.

Over at CTV/GTV, Down With Love improved slightly on its ratings from last week. Despite problems with the series being leaked on the Internet, it has been able to hold its audience while attracting new ones. Interestingly, both Down With Love and P.S. Man seem to have trouble retaining viewers that enjoyed watching the melodrama of Autumn’s Concerto, or the comedy of Hi My Sweetheart.

Even though the ratings of a drama have very little to do with how the audience enjoy them, but they do serve their purposes -- The networks have better numbers to show their investors, so they can pour more money into future projects. Needless to say, stars with hit dramas can demand bigger paychecks and get first pick in sought-after roles.  Some are even using their idol drama fame to jump-start their movie careers.

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