P.S. Man and his lady show some skin

SETTV will be going back to its winning formula in an attempt to boost their new drama P.S. Man. A tradition that started with Ethan Ruan, then followed by Van Ness Wu and Blue Lan -- they are all lead actors who have taken their clothes off for their respective SETTV dramas. Blue Lan will be back at it again as "P.S. Man" goes shirt-less in an upcoming episode.

Ethan Ruan’s body became an overnight sensation on the hit drama Fated to Love You a few years ago. Its ratings sky-rocketed to make history while he generously showed off his muscles. Ethan Ruan followed it up by showing more of his in-demand body in another hit drama My Queen. Viewers were glued to the television to watch steamy bed scenes between him and costar Cheryl Yang.

On the other hand, Van Ness Wu was already known for his body before Autumn’s Concerto. His bed and shower scenes in the drama always guaranteed a shot at his half-naked body. After one of his shower scenes was cut because it was too long, the production team shot another one to satisfy viewers. Needless to say, Van Ness Wu hopped back to the shower again and made sure they got a shot of him from every angle.

Blue Lan will be showing some skin on his current drama P.S. Man in a dream sequence. Costar Sonia Sui is supposed to seduce a half-naked Blue Lan by sitting on top of him. She will be dressed in only a shirt while showing off her model-legs. In order to look great for the scene, Blue Lan prepped his body by doing sit-ups before filming started.

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Source: Libertytimes, UDN

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