Police investigates Ambrose Hui for gang-related incident

Police are currently investigating an incident involving actor Ambrose Hui last year. He was supposedly beaten by members of the Celestial Way gang due to a conflict at a nightclub. Amber Hui unwillingly suffered the humiliation, and was said to have seek revenge with the help of the United Bamboo gang. They reportedly attacked members from the Celestial Way which left them seriously injured. Ambrose Hui and 12 other gang members were summoned for questioning by the police.

Amber Hui was the star of several popular idol dramas including Lavender and At the Dolphin Bay. He visited the Spark nightclub with friends on October 17th of last year to celebrate his birthday. During the party, he greeted a woman that he knew from another table. The act led to some dissatisfaction from other customers, as they believed he was intentionally trying to provoke them. Both parties got involved and Ambrose Hui was reportedly badly beaten.

After the incident, he was rumored to have seek the help of a friend from the United Bamboo gang. A United Bamboo gang boss went to the Sparks nightclub with other members armed with guns. They found the man who was involved in the conflict and beat him up with a gun. Three shots were fired at the ceiling which caught the attention of the Police.

In addition to arresting the 12 United Bamboo members that were involved, the Police also summoned Ambrose Hui for questions. He appeared outside of the police station in the afternoon and stressed that he is not involved in the case. He frequently looked into the camera and said, “Please believe me!”

Ambrose Hui and the other United Bamboo members are reportedly being transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for further investigation.

33 year-old Ambrose Hui was formerly one of the top idol drama actors. He was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the US with his parent.  He went to Taiwan to fulfill his dreams of becoming a singer, but got his breakthrough role in the drama Lavender.  He was said to be difficult to work with after becoming famous, and has rarely been seen on TV in recent years.

Source: CNA, Libertytimes, btimesusa.com

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