Peter Ho's robot pic attracts many

Just yesterday, Peter Ho, with the title “Restricted horror pics,” posted a picture of himself morphed into a robot on his blog. In just two days, there are already a hundred and forty thousand hits on the page, and even someone with the name, “Dee Hsu” left a comment. But Peter laughed, “Oh, she’s not Xiao S.” Peter revealed on his blog that the photo was designed by fellow actor, Andrew Lien. He further explained that even though the audience mostly only knows Andrew as an actor, Andrew has worked and is working as a special makeup effects artist in Hollywood.

Peter explained that the reason he wanted to create this robot photo was because when he was 17, he was injured while playing basketball, causing six vertebrae to shift. In addition, during the filming of the TV version, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, he got frostbites on five of his toes, and he even broke his nose when filming The Legend of Hero. He feels that he is still able to continue acting in movies and dramas because he is actually a robot wrapped in human skin.

Source: UDN, herundong@sina

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