Peter Ho rejects millions, Summer's Desire in cartoon form

Peter Ho attended the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada and is particularly interested in drawing and photography. This year he has used his own artwork in his hand-drawn album and related personal merchandise. However, he didn't expect that, not only were the dramas he was in popular and the songs he sang well-sold, his drawings that were just for fun actually got a well-known Mainland brand name company to offer the sky-high price of NT$10,000,000 to purchase the copyright to make the merchandise.

This company had hoped to work together with him for 3 years, asking him to deliver 10 drawings for making merchandise, but Peter flatly refused. He said, "I think that each one of my drawings has some hidden meaning, so I don't want to sell them off."

Peter's cartoon rendition of Summer's Desire

Source: AppleDaily

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