Peter Ho is Prince Brother Sharp

Brother Sharp is just becoming more and more popular every day and even popular stars are taking on the “homeless chic” image in their new movie roles. It’s apparent in Vincent Zhao’s role in True Legend (as a homeless), as well as Leehom Wang in Little Big Soldier and Love Announcement. In fact, netizens’ minds were so creative that even Leon Lai’s heroic role in Bodyguards And Assassins did not escape the comparison. The common character traits in all these roles are the messy beard, long hair, and dirty clothes. Leon joked, “I’m very ‘sharp’ too!”

Peter Ho is currently filming the second installment of the trilogy to Once Upon A Time In Tibet. The story takes place 70 years ago about the war-torn era. But what caught everyone’s attention upon the release of some film photos, was that Peter’s character image greatly resembled Brother Sharp. Regardless if Peter looks like Brother Sharp or not, netizens have already crowned him “Prince Brother Sharp” as they feel that he and the real Brother Sharp look the most alike.

Source: UDN, Mingpao

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