Peter Ho admits to being a fool

Peter Ho admitted to being a fool.  He revealed that he switched over to disposable contact lenses when he was 20. The moment he put them on, he felt dizzy. The store clerk advised that it was normal and that it would be fine once he got used to it. The dizziness went away after two weeks, but his mom later told him that he had been wearing her glasses (hence, the dizziness) – His vision is -1.50 while his mom is -5.00. But no worries, he got it all figured out by having laser eye surgery in 2005.

In related news, yesterday was World Consumer Rights Day and Peter has set it as a day to reflect on his shopping behavior because he often shop without thinking, where he might not even realize that he has been taken advantage of. His manager, Ben, was not surprised and compared Peter to Andy Lau’s shopping habits. Ben revealed that Peter would buy ten different sets of clothes in half an hour where there is no upper limit to his spending. He had once spent two-hundred thousand dollars (NT) within an hour. Ben also added that when Peter is busy with work, Peter would mark down things that he want to buy, and once he has free time, he would go shopping to get all the items.

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