Old-school contestant brings back the 90s to Super idol

Contestant  Zhao Tai-Xiang (趙太祥), who hails from Myanmar, is best known for his old school style on the popular show Super Idol. At 29, he is currently the oldest remaining contestant in the competition. If you go by his songs selection, he might be easily mistaken for being someone well into his 40s. Edgar, better known as Tai-Xiang, charms viewers and judges with his humility and super-polite personality.

Although he was criticized for being old-fashioned, Tai-Xiang’s retro style has become his trademark and strength in the competition. Nicknamed as the “King of Songs from Myanmar”, he was also a professional singer back in his home country. Despite not having the press coverage of a Ceng Yu-Jia (曾昱嘉), the showmanship of a Hu Zhen-Huan (胡振寰), or the idol-looks of a Kim Seul-Ki (金實基), Tai-Xiang’s strength is his consistency. Most of his marks have ranked in the top 10, and he even shared the title of MVP with Ceng on week 15 of the competition. Tai-Xiang did have a major setback two weeks ago when he tied for the second lowest mark at 41.5.

Tai-Xiang was attempting to make a breakthrough by taking on a song by the Godfather of R&B in Taiwan. He performed the David Tao/Jolin Tsai duet “Marry Me Today” with season 3’s sixth place finisher Yvonne Chen. Tai-Xiang had trouble keeping up with the rhythm of the song and even sang one of his lines at the wrong time. The judges praised him for trying but it was obvious that R&B is not quite Tai-Xiang’s style. He made a comeback last week with a solid performance of Jacky Cheung’s “Let Me Go”. Even though it wasn’t his best performance, he was still able to win his one-on-one battle with a mark of 42.2.

Tai-Xiang's performance of "Marry Me Today"

The overall show of Super idol has become younger this season with a crop of more youthful contestants, but Tai-Xiang still has a fair shot at finishing at the top 5. Consider last season’s 3rd place finisher, the popular mullet-hair and third-person-talking Duan Xu-Ming. Xu-Ming might have a more exotic flavour and showmanship compared to Tai-Xiang. Nevertheless, as long as Tai-Xiang sticks with songs written before the year 2000, he should safely make the top 10.
Xu Ming!

One of Tai-Xiang’s best performances was singing Andy Lau’s “Love You Ten Thousand Years”. He was in true Andy Lau-spirit and even got the crowd going by doing the signature Andy-wave. If only this was an impersonation contest, then he would have been crowned the winner that night.

Tai-Xiang performed the 90s classic “Slightest Heart”. Keep an eye on the judges as they tried to hold it together while he swung his hips from side-to-side

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