Nicky Lee admits his love relationship with Souma Akane

After five years of rumors, the 29 year old Korean-American Golden Melody Best Male Artist Award winner Nicky Lee has finally admitted to his love relationship with race car Goddess Souma Akane, who is 5 years older than him.

Yesterday, it was the grand opening of Nicky’s new Korean tofu pot restaurant. Not only was Souma Akane a special guest, she was also called the "owner's wife". Nicky expressed that he is very serious in their “friendship”, but when asked about plans of getting married he answered, “Maybe one day.” Souma Akane on the other hand, openly responded, “I’m ready to get married anytime.”

Due to Nicky’s mom being laid off after working at a Korean restaurant in the States for over 20 years, Nicky, along with Jeff and Stanley Huang decided to invest eight-million dollars (NT) to open this restaurant for his mom. Nicky said, “She doesn’t need to work. I’ll make the money and give her all the shares.”

Many stars showed up for the grand opening, but they were all outshined by Souma Akane. Right from the start, the media asked what the state of their relationship was and he replied, “I don’t need to tell you and you guys should be able to feel it.” While staff members commented, “You’ve always liked her very much.” And he responded back, “She likes me too!” When asked further if we could call her the “owner's wife,” he happily replied, “Okay!”  Souma Akane first responded that she can’t take such a big title but admitted that she has met his parents and even ate dinner with them before. She complimented his parents for being “very gentle.”

It has been two years since Nicky’s last album. His upcoming album will contain a number of his own works and indicated that Souma Akane gave him many inspirations. His recent remake of Air Supply’s Making Love Out of Nothing at All” (Monga OST) has been well received. Nicky, who has won a Golden Melody Best Male Artist award, revealed that he was truly vexed when recording the song. He spent three days and had to lower two keys in order to finish the recording, “It was the hardest song that I’ve ever sung.”

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Source: Appledaily TW, NOWnews / video: Sugoideas

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