Mike He Walks For DIESEL

After nearly three years of abandoning the catwalk, Mike He finally returned to the modeling stage to show off his figure and walk for DIESEL's fashion show on the eve of March 18th. He expressed that because he hadn't walked in a show for so long, he missed the feeling of the stage. Yet, he also felt nervous and excited, especially because he was the last model down the runway. Other models included P.S. Man co-star James Wen and Down With Love co-star Michael Zhang.

Mike He recalled that he started wearing DIESEL jeans while he was in high school but didn't have much money back then. He would wait until he received enough New Year's money in order to purchase one pair of jeans per year which kept him happy for a long period of time. (Note: The blue pants that Mike is wearing in the side picture costs around $400)

This season, DIESEL's clothing line shouts out "Be Stupid" to teach everyone to do something silly and crazy, yet interesting. Mike said that he would consider himself as a "Be Stupid" type of person. Back in high school, because Mike liked to look attractive, he would attempt to imitate Jackie Chan's karate stunts in movies. He decided to jump from the fifth floor to the fourth floor and ended the move with a somersault. His classmates back then even stood up to applaud him. Looking back on the memory, Mike expressed that this was actually quite dangerous and really stupid.

In other news, Mike will also be joining in on the fun along with the other "actors turned singers............who actually can't sing too well." In his upcoming movie "Future X-Cops," Mike will show the audience his singing abilities in a particular scene by singing Andy Lau's "Love You 10,000 Years" while hanging from the 11th floor. When questioned about this scene, Mike replied that the action also has a Be Stupid feeling.

Source: Liberty Times

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