A-Mei’s boyfriend says no to marriage

The boyfriend of superstar songstress A-Mei Chang and SBL basketball player He Shou-Cheng attended an event for the German brand Thomas Sabo yesterday. He said it has been awhile since he strutted down the catwalk and was quite nervous. Ever since he and A-Mei started dating, He Shou-Cheng would get bombarded with questions about his relationship every time he makes a public appearance.

He Shou-Cheng attended the Thomas Sabo event as a favor for his friend. When asked about his love-life, he said, “I knew it was going to be like this, (I) will try to take on fewer events from now on.” His close friend Blackie successfully proposed to girlfriend Fan Fan last month, while the 37 year-old A-Mei has previously said she wishes to get married and have children. He Shou-Cheng was asked when he will marry A-Mei, he responded with “wishing happiness for Blackie.” After the reporters pushed on, he answered, “No plans to get married this year, it hasn’t been discussed yet.”

Although the event was to promote Thomas Sabo, He Shou-Cheng was certainly the center of attention with every microphone directed at him. The models who also attended the show were left on the side as he dealt with the press, “Please ask them instead. I feel very embarrassed, very awkward.” He even asked model/actress Maggie Wu for help, “You are more familiar with the media, help (me) out for a bit.” Maggie Wu said awkwardly, “When fate comes, everyone will be able to see.”

The spring/summer collection of Thomas Sabo accessories features a wide variety of colors. It is suitable for all styles, no matter if it is someone with a lively, cute, or distinct personality. He Shou-Cheng was asked which style he prefers from the collection, he said, “Will you write about it if I answered?” He added, “The less I talk the less mistakes I make!”

In related news, A-Mei will be the new Coca-Cola spokesperson for Taiwan in 2010. She has already recorded the Chinese version of the commercial’s theme song “Open Happiness”. The music video will premiere at the product's press conference on March 11th.

Source: Appledaily TW, Libertytimes, Chinatimes

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