A-mei got psychological help to regain smile for Coca Cola MV shoot

Last week, Taiwanese pop diva A-mei had been intensely taking on her serious and cool doppelganger identity Amit (her aboriginal first name) in preparations for her upcoming concert, but when it came to film the MV for her recent Coca Cola advertisement, her split identity kept her from giving off the sweet smile that she’s known for her for the commercial.

A-mei expressed that over a year ago, she would perform as her serious alter ego Amit in various places. Since it was difficult to break away from her other identity, it was difficult for her to capture the international soft drink’s image of vitality for the MV. A-mei initially had a stiff smile that wasn’t her style, and the beverage company requested that A-mei revert back to her trademark smile. Since A-mei felt awkward about it, her manager told her to seek psychological therapy to fix the problem.

Almost a week ago, when A-mei held a press conference, since they were screening the MV first, A-mei gave off an easy-going and sweet smile look in the MV as people were watching. But when they first started filming for the MV, she was at a loss on what kind of expression to use. A-mei laughed and said that at the time, her smiling expression was very stiff and that the director still couldn’t see it, and so asked her to take a break and listen to her song that she sang for the MV before filming again in order to capture that feeling.

The following week, A-mei will revert to her Amit identity for her concert and fan meet-and-greet at Taipei arena. A-mei especially requested from her music label to lower the concert stage by 80 centimeters soon, as well as further extending it out, in the hopes of letting her fans reach out to her. Additionally, the Taiwanese pop diva is calling on her music fans on the day of the concert to put on mascara in order to transform to the Amit look together with A-mei.

A-mei’s “Open Happiness” MV:

Source: NOWnews

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