A-Mei becomes Amit to rock out at the Taipei Arena

The songstress performed the first of two shows as her alter ego at the Taipei Arena last night. Unlike the classic A-Mei, Amit didn’t need any fancy outfits or dancers to wow her fans. She simply impressed them with her powerful vocals and music. Over 10,000 fans cheered her on with red glow sticks and turned the Taipei Arena into a sea of red. Amit joked, “But what’s with the people that bought the wrong color?”

The Amit tour started last November in mainland China, and with nine shows already completed. Maybe it was the overwhelming pressure of performing at home, Amit cried during the preshow prayer. After getting on stage, she said “My body was shaking as I walked out, you guys know Amit is a newcomer, she can be nervous as well.”

There weren’t many changes in her style, but the opening outfit which featured an “Amit-wing” left the audience in awe. In addition to singing her hits from the Amit album, she also performed “Light Blue Tears” and “When I Secretly Think of You” from her days at Forward Music. The concert’s DVD is set to release in June. In order to avoid the misfortune of last year’s “Star Tour”, she only sang 4 songs that were released by her former label Warner Music. The DVD release for the “Star Tour” was scrapped after Warner Music wouldn’t give her permission to include their songs. The 4 songs that she sang at the Amit concert will not be included on the upcoming DVD.

Amit also surprise fans with her rendition of Nessun Dorma, and a rock version of Faye Wong’s “To Love”. Some segments of the show were surprisingly connected by hymns and funeral music. The show turned out to be a complete overthrow of the classic A-Mei Chang performance. She asked the audience to show their rocker spirit with “hand gestures, head-bobbing and screams.” Many fans purposely styled themselves for the concert as per Amit’s request

More on stars who attended the show

Dee Hsu (Xiao S) was among the many A-Lister’s that were at the show. She was invited to go on stage and got mocked by A-Mei, “My good sis can’t tell the difference between porn and rock.” Xiao S pointed at A-Mei’s cleavage and said, “Then what are these?” Xiao S also performed the classic “I don’t Care”, but fortunately A-Mei quickly sang along once she started to go off tune.

Former friends Show Luo and Jay Chou went to the concert as expected. They were seated in the first row but separated by five seats. Jay’s ex Landy Wen sat in the second row but was not within close distance. Show Luo and Jay Chou were both asked if they would greet each other, Show said, “I will say hi to all the artists, when I see (Jay Chou) I will say ‘Long time no see’.” Jay on the other hand said, “Everyone's attention is making things really awkward.”

"Rocker" Xiao S

Jay Chou in man-boots and "Trendy Man" Show Luo

Mark Chao and Jason Tsou with bad hair days, Fish Leong with husband Tony

Source: AppledailyTW, Chinatimes, Liberty Times, UDN

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