Matilda Tao bashes unknown stars for exploiting their newfound fame

D-listers like Devin Wu and Hu Jia-Ai caught the public's attention recently with their scandals involving some famous stars. Host Matilda Tao spoke out about the trend yesterday and has a word of caution, “Big-name stars need to be careful!”

Hu Jia-Ai made it on the entertainment pages after she was photographed with Stanley Huang, and then followed it up with the revelation of her daughter. As for Devin Wu, she shot to fame after saying she has given her "first night" to Jay Chou on a talk show.

On female stars taking the shortcut to fame, Matilda Tao said, “It’s a method, and also a change in a person’s ethics and values.” She added, “Back when we debuted, there were a lot of things that can be said on shows similar to Kangxi Lai Le, but we chose not to, because the trade off was only a month in the news or a week on the front page.”

When asked if this is a good method, she said, “This is a personal choice, sometimes not necessarily a good one. The deck shuffles after a week, people can still tell if you have talent or not. (They) should set their sights farther. Or else people would only talk about things like, who she had a one-night-stand with, does that really sound good?”
Hu Jia-Ai, Devin Wu

Hu Jia-Ai responded through her friend, “Tao Zi jie (referring to Tao as her senior) is my idol. I will thank her for whatever she said.” However, she didn’t forget to stress again that she wasn't trying to exploit the scandal. Devin Wu has yet to respond.

Matilda Tao has already filmed 7 commercials since the start of this year. She is estimated to have earned 17.5 million (NTD). She joked that she would compare herself to Dee Hsu, who is also a CF queen, in private. She said she is “very worried about being taken over by Ah Ken and Na Dou.”

Source: AppledailyTW

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