Masa missing from Fish Leong's wedding banquet

Fish Leong and her new husband Tony held their wedding banquet yesterday to celebrate with friends in Taipei. This was already their second banquet after getting married on February 1st, with the third one still to come for March 7th in Shanghai.

Many of Fish Leong’s celebrity friends were in attendance, including Gary Cao, Victor Wong, Michael Wong, Penny Tai, her cousin Z-Chen, Tanya Chua, Fan Fan, Ding Dang, Won Fu, Crowd Lu, and Cheer Chen. Noticeably missing was her rumor-to-be ex-boyfriend Masa, while other Mayday members showed up. Another one of her rumored ex-boyfriends, Jaycee Chan, did make a surprise appearance. The scene turned chaotic when the press tried to interview and photograph him.

Fish Leong revealed that she had called Jaycee Chan personally to invite him. He originally turned down requests for interviews and photographs from reporters, but eventually agreed to a photograph session. Fish Leong’s bridesmaid Penny Tai was also rumored to have dated Jaycee Chan in the past. She attended the banquet without her current boyfriend “Tapioca Pudding” and said, “(I) will greet (Jaycee Chan) when I see him.” The two were seated at separate tables.

Mayday’s Masa previously said he would attend the Taipei banquet, but he was a no show yesterday. His fellow band members explained that he was on vacation in France. Guitarist Stone was asked to choose between Masa and Tony (the groom). He said, “Let’s not rate them by points, but Tony is better than Masa!”

With one more banquet to go, Fish Leong said, “They cost too much. The honeymoon will have to wait.” The banquet hall for yesterday’s celebration was decorated by the same team that worked on her concerts. They accessorized the site with over ten thousands fresh flowers, along with over a thousand purple candles and balloons. The three banquets combine to cost 5 million (NTD) but luckily the newlyweds received 1.61 million in cash gifts yesterday. When asked about their baby plans, Fish Leong said, “(Having a baby) requires planning. (I) hope to finish my work for this year first.”

Their guests:
Mayday's Guan You, Ashin, Stone (on the left), Penny Tai (on the right)

Jaycee Chan, Ding Dang

Victor Wong, Michael Wong

Source: Appledaily TW, Chinatimes, UDN, Liberty Times

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