Mark Chao says he's okay with modeling undies

After selling coffee, jeans and skincare, Mark Chao becomes the latest spokesperson for Samsung Mobile. He laughed and said there can never be too many endorsements.  Therefore he is more than willing to “sell his body” for promoting shower gels or even film underwear commercials without any limits.
Mark Chao in undies is a nice idea, but seriously he will never match this man...

The idea of “Mark Chao in undies” certainly creates many discussions. His manager Vicky stressed, “Mark Chao doesn’t rule out the possibility, but it still depends on the script. If the outcome is something that men want to buy, while leaving women with room for imagination, then that would be a success.”

Mark Chao was filming the Samsung Mobile commercial at the Nankang Software Park yesterday. Since he became the spokesperson for a Korean company, it brought up the topic of “Mark Chao looking Korean” again. He said because of his single eye-lids, he once questioned if he was the biological son of his parents. His dad Allen Chao later told him, “I didn’t become double-folded until I was 30.” Mark Chao got some relief from the answer, and even started imagining himself with double eye-lids after 30.

With the promotion for Monga ending in April, Mark Chao will shift his focus to the movie version of Black & White. News surfaced yesterday that Black & White might go head-to-head next year with the movie Birthday Wish, which is rumored to be starring Vic Chou. Mark Chao said no matter when Birthday Wish will be released, he will go see the movie, and won’t let it turn into an opportunity for the press to write about them again.

Source: UDN

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