Mark Chao receives popularity award

Mark Chao defeated Vic Chou and buddy Ethan Ruan in winning the Singapore Entertainment Awards’ most popular male actor. In regards to the sensitive topic of beating Vic, Mark continued to be humble, “It’s only my second time here in Singapore, so thank you everyone for voting for me.” Before the event, Mark also held a fan meeting that attracted roughly 300 fans.

Ethan has become a hot topic in the media after his “hotel” incident, stealing all the attention away from fellow Monga co-stars, including Mark. But it was Mark, who won the most popular Taiwanese actor award with his debut role in the drama, Black & White, while Rainie Yang won for most popular Taiwanese actress.

In response to the media constantly comparing him to Vic Chou and Ethan Ruan, he wrote on this blog, "Why are miracles created, and then they get destroyed?"

In unrelated news, Mark’s rumored girlfriend, Janine Chang along with other cast members of the new movie, “Zoom Hunting,” held a book signing event just the day before. When asked if she would be sending Mark Chao some chocolates for White Day, she answered that she loves chocolate, but she never sends anyone chocolates herself.

Source: UDN

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