Mark Chao over Ethan Ruan's hotel incident: I Believe You

Last night, the cast of Monga held a celebration party as the movie’s box office nears three hundred million, but the focus of the night was Ethan Ruan’s recent “hotel” incident. Ethan took out his courage and responded to the media, “Thank you for everyone’s concern. The main thing is to reflect on my wrong-doing. I must not be like a kid anymore and must not hurt those who love and care about me.”

Director Niu Cheng Ze attempted to help him explain, “What has Xiao Tian (Ethan) done wrong? Did he take out his ID card to check in (to the hotel)?” However, Xiao Tian replied, “I am really truly wrong. The moment the scandal broke out, my mom hit my head continuously and shouted, ‘Boss Tian, what ever you do from now on, please think of the consequences first.’ After the incident, I immediately apologized to Tiffany. I can assure everyone that we are fine.”

Following Tiffany Hsu's response, Mark Chao also expressed his support to his buddy, “I believe Xiao Tian a hundred percent. I don’t want it to be too hard on him. I believe that there is nothing that can’t be overcome. When I get stuck in a bottleneck, Xiao Tian would always show his support for me. Right now, I believe that Xiao Tian will definitely be able to overcome this.”

Ethan commented, “After this incident, it made me realize who my real friends are. I definitely cannot make the same mistake again.”

Ma Ru Long spoke like the Godfather, “Xiao Tian is a good kid. His nature is kind, but a public figure needs to be careful on his actions. Xiao Tian will need to wait for his girlfriend’s forgiveness. If she forgives him, then everything will be fine.”

Source: UDN

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