Magic Power gets into a car accident

Magic Power has been busy with their school tour all over Taiwan, but unfortunately they got into a car accident last Friday at around 8 pm. Guitarists LeiBao and DJ GuGu got some scratches on their heads, while lead vocalist GaGa injured his ribs. He was taken to a nearby hospital for x-rays and confirmed he was okay.

Following their concert at the Kaohsiung Tung Fang Institute of Technology, Magic Power was on their way back to Taipei. A car coming from the opposite direction suddenly made a left turn and the two vehicles ended up hitting each other. The other car suffered major damages to its front side, while the members of Magic Power were frightened.

Lead vocalist GaGa felt he had trouble breathing after being hit in the ribs. He was accompanied by their manager to the hospital and released shortly after. He and the rest of the members met up and returned to Taipei.  The members called their family right away after the accident to let them know that they were okay. Their record company will give them a break by canceling at least 2 of their upcoming school performances.

Source: Libertytimes

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