Liu Jia-Chang is relieved after wife's operation and drops his dentures

Zhen Zhen, the wife of musician Liu Jia-Chang and mother of Jeremy Liu, made her first public appearance after her operation. She denied rumors of stomach cancer and clarified that abnormal cells were found during her recent check up.
Get well soon, Mrs. Liu!!

Mrs. Liu explained her operation was a minimally invasive surgery, “It wasn’t a tumor, but the wound was the size of a fist. There were 30+ little holes. (I) can eat liquid food only, and already lost 11 lbs.” She was interviewed for 10 minutes before going back to rest. Her legs suddenly weakened during the photograph session, but luckily her husband was there to catch her before she fell.

Liu Jia-Chang said he was very worried about his wife. When asked if he cried, “Ai-ya! Don’t want to talk about it. I’m a big man. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. What would I do if she dies, how could I live on? Yesterday, I even flew to Taipei to see the master at the Fo Guang Shan Temple and pray. It was the first time I prayed with an incense, and it was all for her health. I feel even worse when I know she’s not feeling well.”

Teacher Liu and his son Jeremy waited at the hospital over the six-hour surgery. He said, “I felt lost, my whole body felt like collapsing. I cursed at people and talked non-sense. They told me what I did later. I didn’t even know.” He is scheduled to have his farewell concert at the Taipei Arena next month. Organizers wanted to host a birthday party for him next Monday and celebrate his wife’s successful surgery. However, the teacher said he had to turn it down, “Because she would have to go in a wheelchair, then what’s the point of going!”

Jeremy Liu really does look like his dad...

Later in the interview, Teacher Liu said he didn’t want to talk too much because he was worried about his dentures falling off. Despite being cautious, his dentures fell out of his mouth anyways and created quite an embarrassing moment. After the interview, his son Jeremy Liu happened to return home before the media left. Liu Jia-Chang introduced his son by saying, “Do you guys know who he is? He is the son that I had (out of my) carelessness.” Jeremy said he was very concerned about his mom’s health, and he would support her.


Source: Appledaily,

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