A-Lin and Ji Xiao Jun share a girl-girl kiss

The current KKBOX chart-topper, A-Lin Huang, held her mini-concert at the Riverside Live House last weekend, attracting a thousand fans. Her parents specially came all the way from Taitung (Eastern Taiwan) to support her and even brought her favorite dish: Grilled Wild Pork. A-Lin joked, “If I eat too much grilled ‘mountain’ (wild) pork, I’ll start singing with an accent from the mountains.” (A-Lin is a Taiwanese aboriginal) A-Lin, the skillful ballad singer, sang 22 songs in total, in which some had even moved fans to tears. Many fans made the request for A-Lin to consider holding a grand concert at the Taipei Arena.

Singer Ji Xiao-Jun was her special guest of the night and they sang a duet together. Although there were instances of them going off key, they still received a big applause from the fans. Under the excitement, A-Lin and Ji Xiao-Jun shared a kiss and screams filled the place.

Appledaily’s poisonous-tongue Papaya Ah Xia commented that the guys really need to step-it-up. Recapping previous events, female singers seem to enjoy sharing a kiss with fellow female singers. Last Friday, A-Mei and Xiao S kissed and last year, ELVA and best friend Cheryl Yang also kissed mouth to mouth. Papaya Ah Xia suggests that the guys should follow suit – How about Leehom Wang and look alike twin, Wu Chun? Or Takeshi Kaneshiro reuniting with his “Warlords” brother Andy Lau? But whoever it may be, please spare us from Bai Yun and Nono!

A-Mei & Xiao S (left) and ELVA & Cheryl Yang (right).

Bai Yun (left) and Nono (right) are regular guests on many variety shows.

Source: UDN, appledaily

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