Leon Lai surprised by Jun Ji-hyun’s 5” heels

Hard to believe it's been 12 years since Korean star Jun Ji-Hyun (or Gianna Jun) was introduced to the Hong Kong audience in a Leon Lai music video. Way back in 1998, she starred in one of the hugely popular Leon Lai commercials for a local cellular service provider. More than a decade later, Jun Ji-Hyun has become a top Hallyu star, while Leon Lai surprised everyone with his marriage to model Gaile Lai.

The two stars met up again at the grand opening of the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel. They greeted each other and had a friendly chit-chat. Unfortunately, when it came time to take a photo together, Leon was a little shocked to see Jun Ji-Hyun in a pair of 5-inch high heels. He said they still keep in touch and see each other once in awhile.

Jun Ji-Hyun revealed that part of her new movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was filmed at the hotel earlier, so she was honored to be back for its grand opening. Many attendees also praised Leon Lai for his role as the super-skilled homeless man-fighter in Bodyguards and Assassins. They said his “look” in the movie was comparable to the very stylish and formerly homeless Brother Sharp. Leon smiled and said thank you.

The MV "If I can see you again" (video in those days don't come in HD)

And as always, Leon as Leon-Sharp:

Source: Mingpaonews, summerzqueen's Channel

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