Leon Jay Williams is vertically challenged in new movie

Leon Jay Williams at 180cm in height usually has no problems in matching up with another female star. Unfortunately, when he stood beside the 179cm Lynn Xiong in a pair of 12cm high boots, he finally realized how Aaron Kwok feels.

Lynn and Leon will be working together in the new movie, “My Sassy Girl 2” (我的野蠻女友2).  Leon revealed that Lynn gave him a fright because it’s the first time he is working with such a tall co-star. Director Joe Ma Wai-Ho explained that he requested Lynn to wear high boots in order to illustrate her pride. Thus, she ended up being way taller than Leon, causing him to often tilt his head in order to look at her. Leon joked that his neck hurt after the filming of every scene.

When asked if they would be afraid of being compared to the original Korean version, Lynn replied, “I act according to my emotions, so it’ll definitely be different.” Lynn feels a little sorry for Leon because other than being taller than him, she often throws him kicks and punches in the movie.

Source: Liberty Times

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