Leon Jay Williams is nervous at kissing?

Leon Jay Williams, who has been busy filming dramas / movies, recently recorded an episode of Channel [V]’s Generation of Beautiful Girls. One of the cast members, Mico, said she wouldn’t dare to go outside without her fringe. Thus, host Blackie asked his guest for help.

Veteran actor, Leon Jay Williams immediately turned himself into his prince character in idol dramas. He stood in front of her, looked into her eyes, softly moved away her fringe and gave her a kiss. Mico’s face turned red. But when asked how it felt, she was in too much shock and only said, “Leon’s hand was ice cold.” Leon then gave the surprising response, “Because I was very nervous.”  It sure didn't seem like he was...

Leon Jay Williams gave Mico a kiss - just like in idol dramas.

Source: Appledaily

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