Leehom channels Brother Sharp in directorial debut

The multi-talented star will be pulling double-duty as both director and actor in his new movie *Love Announcement (戀愛通告), currently filming in Shanghai. During a recent press visit, Leehom Wang was dressed in mix and match ethnic clothing to play a student from the country side. His style, in combination with messy hair and glasses, seemed to be channeling the very stylish Brother Sharp.

Leehom said his transition from a singer to an actor, and then to a director was a natural evolution. He has gotten used to the status of being a director and enjoys the process of filming “No matter if my role is the director or the actor, we always have our meals together. Our crew feels like family.” When asked if he was worried about comparisons to Jay Chou, Leehom confidently said everyone has their own style.

On the day of the visit, Leehom and his crew were already on set at 6 in the morning. The movie also stars Crystal Liu, Joan Chen and Chen Han-Dian (陳漢典). Crystal Liu was dressed as an innocent university student, in contrast to her usual period costume-looks in dramas and movies. She said in addition to Leehom’s musical talent, she also admired him for taking on the role of a director for the first time.

Love Announcement depicts the story of an idol singer Du Ming-Han (杜明漢), who wished to go back to a normal life away from show business., and returned to school by disguising himself as Brother Sharp a student. The movie is about friendship, dreams, love, music, etc… It is expected to be released this summer.



The one and only, Brother Sharp!!!

*Literal translation, official name was not available.
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