Kingone uses magic to propose marriage in new drama

Yesterday, Kingone Wang filmed a marriage proposal scene for his upcoming drama, “香戀” / Xiang Lian (roughly translates to Sweet scent of love). The filming crew hired approximately a hundred temporary actors to make the scene grand. To film this scene, Kingone had previously recorded a track of “愛很簡單 / Love is very simple.” His voice was so impressive that even Viter Fan suspected that it was not Kingone’s own voice. Kingone laughed, “I was once a member of Comic boyz nonetheless. I’ve released albums before. it’s just that I decided to leave singing for acting.”

In order to propose marriage to Alice Tzeng, the filming crew decided to film the scene at the Kaohsiung International airport. Kingone learned a few magic tricks for the event. He first lit up a fire with his hand and then magically turned the fire into the ring. Kingone revealed that he has never done something like a marriage proposal before, but he loves to cook. He once cooked a meal on Valentine’s Day for his girlfriend at the time.

Kingone received a letter from a fan and he expressed that it has been one of the most touching thing that he has come across recently. The letter began with: “You are my lover, but I am not your lover.” This phrase has deeply moved Kingone.

Source: UDN

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