Kevin Lin's "Rumors" earned him 5 million

The 45 year old singer song-writer, Kevin Lin, recently made a comeback with his latest duet with Super Idol season 1 winner Chang Yun-Jing, “When did we forget...?” Kevin has written over 500 songs throughout his career and not only he is one of the main judges on the popular singing competition show, Super Idol, he is also Angela Chang’s manager. But Kevin reveals that he likes being a singer the best, “I like singing the songs I write myself.”

Looking back, Kevin participated in a songwriting contest while he was in University when he was 21 years old. He won 3rd place and got to release his very own personal album two years later. He later composed the mega hit duet, “Rumors,” for Hong Kong’s pop star, Vivian Chow, who was 3 years his junior. It was Vivian Chow’s first mandarin song and it earned Kevin five-million (NT) in royalty. Kevin comments, “She is really an angelic girl from inside and out. She has great personality and temperament.” As for his recent collaboration with the very “manly” Chang Yun-Jing, Kevin laughs, “When I worked with Vivian Chow, it was the feeling of enjoying love, but Chang Yun-Jing is like the rage in music.”

Kevin admits that he doesn’t release a lot of albums and has had many “low points” in his career. Being a judge on Super Idol gives him the chance to release a new album, but it also puts great pressure on him due to the criticisms from netizens. However, Kevin expresses, “Because I’ve experienced it before (as a contestant in the past), so I can understand the contestants’ feelings, which also affects my critique towards them. I tend to give more encouraging comments.”

11 years ago through a good friend, he discovered the talent, Angela Chang. He brought the new star to several record companies and now she has successfully become a pop idol. Kevin comments that since Angela’s career is set, he leaves it up to her record company Linfair Records to make most of the decisions, “I have an idea of what I need to do as a manager, but I don’t know a lot, so I just grasp the general direction of things and entrust everything else to the record company.”

 On the left, is the photo of Kevin at age 23 while wearing his school uniform.  25 year old Kevin (right) decides to try a new look for his second album.

Kevin was 28 when he collaborated with Vivian Chow to sing the mega 90's hit duet, "Rumors."

"Rumors" - the classic 90's hit duet.  Way back when cassette tapes still existed...

In case you haven't heard it, here is Kevin and Chang Yun-Jing's "When did we forget...?"

Source: Appledaily / videos: tmytmytmy, rue780927

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