Kevin Lin and Chang Yun Jing are Taiwanese version of Kinki Kids?

Super Idol judge Kevin Lin will soon be releasing a new album. For his first single, “How can I start to forget,” he invited the winner of Super Idol season 1, Chang Yun Jing, to collaborate. Thinking back in the ‘90s, Kevin Lin’s popularity rose after singing the duet, “Rumors,” with Vivian Chow. In hope to repeat the same success, this will be his eighth time collaborating with a female singer.

During the recording of the song, Kevin described that his and Chang Yun Jing’s voice “do not match at all,” but after many recordings, Kevin came to realize that the mismatch made the song more interesting.

For the MV, Chang Yun Jing dressed in a British rock style while carrying an electric guitar, looking cool. Kevin Lin on the other hand, continued to look like a gentleman in a suit. The two were made fun of for looking like the “Taiwanese version of Kinki Kids.” Not only did Chang Yun Jing accept the comment, she immediately responded, “I am honored and can I be Dōmoto Tsuyoshi?” Kevin then joked, “We’re the group with the greatest age-gap in history,” since he’s 45 and she’s 26. He might be right indeed; their 19-year difference does beat Shen Yu Lin and his new wife by 2 years.

Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes

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