Ah Ken and Na Dou fight tooth and nail; become co-hosts of new show

Often serving the roles of comic reliefs in their programs, popular funnymen and co-hosts of “University” and “Big Party” Ah Ken and Na Dou now take on the role of mentors in their new variety show “Star Talent Training School”. No longer are they the butt end of the joke as now they will be treated as idolatry by young people who wish to be “stars” like them. The duo jokingly dressed in the floral patterned shirts like the gang leaders of the hit-movie “Monga” and wore safety charms. What kind of advice will these two give to future-idols-in-the-making? Na Dou says he will stress the importance of aspiring idols to be “shameless” and the need to overcome their hesitations in performing. Ah Ken, based on personal experience, believes strongly in the idea of “no pain no gain”: a good entertainer must show perseverance and do whatever it takes to grab the camera’s attention, even if it means getting whacked on the head by plates. Although so far, the more Ah Ken gets hit on the head, the more popular he becomes!

Ah Ken recalled an experience he had when he first entered the entertainment industry. In an effort to gain more acting opportunities, Ah Ken was once hit on the head 30 times with a large plate by a producer. Upon returning home, Ah Ken asked him mom to make sure to wake him from his sleep, fearing that he might suffer a concussion and never wake up. However, lately he has been beaten less and less, which makes him worry that this means no one likes him anymore. Na Dou reveals that physical fights between him and Ah Ken are not staged. Once they went too far in a battle and Na Dou lost a third of his front tooth because of Ah Ken. Somehow these two will have to settle their differences and set a good example for their youngsters.

Source: NOWnews

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