Kang Kang and Frankie Gao go mouth-to-mouth

“The Three Difficult Tenors” Jacky Wu, Frankie Gao, and Kang Kang’s concert is just around the corner and the three of them did one last rehearsal last night. But recent rumors indicate that Frankie and Kang Kang are in a feud. Frankie complains, “Kang Kang and I are constantly in a quarrel and now he even invited Lu Chen to be in our concert. I’m going to be kicked aside very soon. I’m always the last to know about everything. But since they all can’t sing, it’s perfect that they’re together.”

The organizers quickly explained that Lu Chen (magician) is only a special guest at the concert and won’t be replacing Frankie’s spot. As for why Frankie wasn’t in the TV commercial, it was because Frankie was busy filming that day, but they did put a life sized cut-out poster in the back. Frankie continued to express his dissatisfaction, “How come no one told me about the press conference at night? I have to find out everything through the reporters!” Jacky Wu, being sandwiched in the middle, specially brought a heart-shaped donut for Kang Kang and Frankie to share. In front of the media, Frankie and Kang Kang bit the donut mouth-to-mouth and they didn't let go until Jacky separated them.  Jacky joked, "There's something odd going on between you two..."

In related news, besides promoting for “The Three Difficult Tenors,” Jacky also appeared on the shopping channel to sell nutritious foods on the night before. He sold over a thousand sets in just one hour. It is rumored that his endorsing fee was three-million.

 Source: UDN

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